While you manage what matters, our translation and localisation team works tirelessly to provide you with cultural insight as well as linguistic specialty to help your brand excel on a domestic and global scale.

Text-Based Translation

Our certified translators offer language services for various documents, with a strong focus on translating from English to Arabic and English to Portuguese.

Our team employs their in-depth knowledge in the required industry, to transform your material from one language to another with complete accuracy and time efficiency.

In line with our expert practices, our experienced editors and proofreaders will additionally examine the work with regards to spelling, grammar, coherence and overall content quality.


Website & App Localisation

Online marketing is all about boosting your visibility and driving up sales. Therefore, presenting your products/services in a unique yet captivating manner is key to capturing the attention and the loyalty of your audience.

We understand the importance of addressing your readers’ needs through translation and localisation that resonates with their culture, language and customs. Our team of linguists and copywriters will help you create an attractive multilingual copy of your website with respect to your target’s native language and cultural nuances.

Social Media Campaigns Transcreation

In recent years, social media has become a major marketing tool for companies on a domestic and global scale. Through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), search marketing and research, social media platform views can increase substantially thereby expanding the company’s international outreach.

Take the lead and target your audience with attractive marketing campaigns, captivating language as well as familiar cultural idioms all of which resonate with clients and build brand recognition and loyalty. Our talented linguists and creative copywriters promise to convey the appropriate message, tone and connotation to capture the attention of consumers all over the world.


Text Editing & Proofreading

Ensure your key messages clarity and terminology consistency with our proofreaders’ team.

Whether you have done your translations in another way or have written your document by yourself, we’re happy to proofread any document, even if we didn’t translate it for you.

At Horizons Content Services, we pride ourselves with having proofreaders who are in-country linguists with mother tongue command of the target language and fluency in the source language.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Convey your ideas and market your products/services through an excellent desktop publishing service that ensures your target language is displayed in a culturally appropriate yet well-defined manner.

Whether you have an existing template or prefer a new localised version of your file, our skilled specialists will ensure the translated documents are completed with first-class designs and layouts.


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